Store Detectives & Loss Prevention Services

Shoplifting in the UK in more common than you think. Stealing is not always because of person's inability to purchase what they need. Some get an emotional high after being able to get away with thieving. Others do it because of depression. Those who suffer form Kleptomania are urged to steal what they don't need. As for youngesters they are persuaded and pressurized by their peers to shoplift to get accepted in a certain group.

Althought Shoplifting is considered a minor crime, it is a major problem for retailers costing them more than £511 million a year with almost quarter of theft never detected or reported. For startup businesses fighting for survival, shoplifting is premature death.The most effective way to minimize and suppress customer theft is to use professional store detectives.

These are the duties of our professional store detectives in your retail stores:

All our store detectives are fully vetted, screened and licensed by the SIA authority.

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