Door Supervision & Crowd Management Services

Door supervisors are the face of your venue. They are the ones who have the first point of contact with your guests, and the ones who can make or break an impression for your venue.

Since the introduction of compulsory security industry licensing by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the negative image "bouncer" stereotype has long moved away from the burly, on-steroid douches who don't hesitate to humiliate you in public and ruin your night.

A good bouncer doesn't "bounce" anybody.

At Manchester Security Services , we believe that the key to being a good door supervisor is non-aggression approach, however challenging and intimidating is the conflict.

POLITE but FIRM - that's our code for managing any conflict.

These are some of the roles, responsabilities and qualities of our door supervisors:

We can provide door supervisors to leisure venues, hotels, taxi ranks, parties, music festivals and race courses.

All of our door supervisors are fully screened and licensed by the SIA authority.

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