Contruction & Commercial Sites Security

More than £800 million worth of plant and equipments is stolen each year in the UK with less than 10% recovered. Over 7000 metal-related thefts are recorded each month, and despite the recent government moves to make it hard for criminals to sell on stolen metals, metals theft along with plant theft is still a growing concern. The recent Hatton Garden heist was linked to theft of two diamond drills from a building site in London ( Eevening Standard, April 2015).

The role of manned security on construction sites is very important in protecting your valuable assets, your workers, and members of the public from workplace related dangers. Our specialist security guards ensure that your site is fully protected and secure. During business hours, our team can operate as a firewall for your site, allowing in and out only authorised personnel.

These are few roles and services our security guards can contribute to the security of your site:

Before undertaking any new contract, we conduct comprehensive risk and security assessments of the site to identify susceptible areas and where you're most at risk, and then implement the right procedure to secure the site.

All our security guards are fully licensed by the UK SIA authority and have undergone a comprehensive 5 year vetting and screening programme.

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