Close Protection & Residential Security

Today the most serious threat we face is crime. For the well-off, the famous, and even the vulnerable, the attitude of complacency or fatalism could be a dangerous thinking. Whether it's a threat from criminal gangs, terrorist organizations or even opportunistic thieves, personal protection and residential security have become a necessity - rather than an exclusive luxury for the rich and famous.

Whether you need someone to watch your home while you are away, or you need personal accompaniment service , we can provide you with personalised and cost-effective round-the-clock personal protection and residential security.

It's always reassuring to know that we are looking after your premises while you are away. If you have to leave your property vacant for a long period of time, we can conduct periodic patrols and check the property for damage, theft, squatters or evidence of illegal entrance. In case of alarm activation, we can respond to your home in less than 20 minutes to investigate and re-secure the premises. We usually conduct mobile patrols randomly so nobody can predict when the next visit will be. This can also help reduce your home or business premises insurance premium.

We provide residential security to private homes, apartment complexes, gated communities and care homes.

If you or your family need personal protection, our close protection operative(s) can act as a visible deterrent, or as a discrete member of your family or team while maintaining a low profile and minimising unwanted attention. If this is not suitable for the lifestyle or plans of our clients, we can provide remote, protective surveillance instead.

We also provide round-the-clock protection for those who are at risk of being intimidated not to appear at court or act as key witnesses.

At Manchester Security Services, we operate our personal security services with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

All our personal security specialists are experts in executive protection and hold a valid SIA licences.

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